Business Objective

For long, traditional outsourcing models seemed to misalign customer and vendor incentives. Actual results and risks related to quality and project management were never factored in contractual  agreements  and  were  generally  borne  by  the  customer.  The introduction of the ' Pay for Results'  paradigm by T&H Software has become a game-changer in the IT and Business Process Outsourcing solutions market space. Such a Business Outcomes-driven solutions approach mitigates the inherent IT and common business risks of large projects and complex offshore practices and operations. More importantly for the customer, the risks are transferred to T&H Software.

                                                   Some key benefits to our customers include: reduced risk from demand variation; reduced technology risk; delivery of a truly variable cost structure to better manage their businesses; predictable results and costs, and elimination of management and personnel overheads. In this  truly transformative business model, T&H Software makes money only when its customers get assured results and make money; as the objectives and interests of both parties are aligned clearly and transparently. The Business Outcomes-based pricing model is high on impact and high on outcome and clearly has the potential to redefine the way the industry itself conducts business.

We have been growing rapidly, and capturing mind-share in specific communities. T&H Software' s brand positioning highlights the success of the company which has emerged as the fastest growing provider of IT Solutions & Services. The positioning exemplifies the performance of T&H Software, as a success system, which is powering the growth of its customers and employees. Our brand echoes our commitment to not only creating solutions, but to creating the next wave in targeted and focused solutions guaranteed to propel our customers into the next generation.