Cloth Trading / Manufacturing

The global textile manufacturing industry involves the conversion of fiber into yarn, which is then developed into fabric and textiles. Textiles are used to make clothing by spinning, finishing and coloring fabric and to make other products such as mattresses, carpets, curtains and fiberglass for mirrors and windows.
Manufacturers and producers of textile products are diversifying to meet multi-faceted demand for apparel. Clothing is increasingly specialized with different demands for men’s, women’s wear, children’s wear and sportswear. While most textile production traditionally involved processes carried out by hand, an increasing degree of automation and technological innovation has led to greater textile output and a higher speed of production.

Cotton is the world's most important natural fibre. In the year 2007, the global yield was 25 million tons from 35 million hectares cultivated in more than 50 countries. There are five stages-
Cultivating and Harvesting
Preparatory Processes
Spinning- giving yarn
Weaving- giving fabrics
Finishing- giving textiles

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