IT Distribution

Distribution is the main headache of every company. If distribution channel & distribution network is effective, growth rate gets exponential reach for the company. Software channels effectively with the help of technology is required to save the time. Distribution Software provides optimal solution for distribution management. Distribution software has following functionalities: procurement & e-procurement, inventory control, transportation management, financial management, complex pricing management, quality control, attributed inventory, quoting and conversion to orders, kitting and assembly, light manufacturing, containerization of imports, landed costing, and customer relationship management.

Distribution software is the heart of the integrated supply chain management system. Designed with the distribution executive in mind, our distribution software is a powerful and modern sales and logistics system which incorporates the latest concepts and business processes.

Our warehouse distribution software improves sales performance and efficiency, cuts costs and reduces lead times, creates and links purchase orders to sales orders automatically, cuts inventory costs and optimizes stock between warehouses.

advanced Inventory and Distribution Management Software system will help you meet your customer's demand without the burdening your warehouse with excess inventory.

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