Leather and Footwear

The Indian footwear industry is one of the prime subsets of the Indian leather industry. It is the second largest producer of footwear, next to China. The leather footwear produced and exported from India includes shoes, casuals, moccasins, sport shoes, horrachies, sandals, ballerinas, and boots. The non-leather footwear exported from India includes shoes and sandals made of rubber, plastic, P.V.C. and other materials. This footwear sector has matured from the level of manual footwear manufacturing methods to automated footwear manufacturing systems. The industry is now growing to adopt modern and state-of-the-art technology, to suit international requirements and standards. The Indian footwear market scores over other footwear markets, because of factors such as reliable supply of resources, good-quality finished leather, and large installed capacities for production of finished leather and footwear. In addition, several other factors such as large human capital with commendable expertise and technology base, skilled manpower, and relatively low cost labor, also play a vital role in establishing Indian manufacturers' supremacy over the rest.
Business Challenges
The industry faces the following challenges:
  • Lack of a system that can keep up with the unique challenges in the Leather Industry
  • Lack of an ERP solution that can cope up with difficulties such as transactions governed by a matrix structure, multiple end products, and measurements accompanied by high volumes of inventory turn-over
  • Unfavorable frequency of orders
  • Changing customer/market requirements
  • Continual pressure for better value
  • Tighter costs
RODE Benefits
T&H Software OnDemand ERP offers the following business benefits:
  • RODE exploits the advantages of internet and computers
  • The solution is highly economical
  • The solution aids in change management and ensures that the phases are not disturbed. It does not require much modifications and it can be implemented soon.
  • The end-to-end solution helps integrate data from many different departments, automate processes, control costs, and respond efficiently to change.
  • The RODE system is fully delivered in accordance with the flow of the Leather Industry, combined with production management concepts and materials tracking, which aid every business process in the Footwear Manufacturing Industry
RODE Features
T&H Software On Demand ERP offers certain unique features:
  • Size, Pattern, and Color Matrices for the footwear industry
  • Matrix Driven transaction (Through out the business process from customer orders to orders / requisitions)
    • Purchase
    • Inventory
    • Production
    • Production Planning
    • Sales  
  • Single Bill of Material for multiple shoe sizes
  • System-generated Automated  Requisition / Orders  based on customer orders by MRP  
  • Effective Production Tracking in shop floor
  • Auto-computation of production costs of the Finished Merchandise
  • Availability of multi-dimensional reports to track the raw material consumption, daily production output, efficiency percentage, and stock inquiry

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